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NIMBIN ROOTS FESTIVAL - September 14,15 & 16 2018.
Nimbin Roots Festival is held in various venues and stages around Nimbin Village. A festival ticket gives you a wristband to go in and out of the venues and stages at your leasure.

Nimbin Roots Festival was born from the concept of wanting to provide original, raw roots music  to an audience that acknowledges and appreciates the need for a sustainable artistic future without adopting the usual ' star'  mentality.  allowing new music  to be born  for the sake of musicians, artists and the community.  An affordable, sustainable festival  for the people. 

We believe that roots music encompasses genres such as Old Blues, Old time, Bluegrass, Folk, Folk Rock, Australiana and world music.

Starting in various venues on Friday afternoon and then with an opening concert on Friday night with performances from local Bunjalung dancers and very special guest Jeff Lang and others, the rest of the festival will then be set in various venues and open outdoor areas, with the festival being wrapped up on Sunday evening with a closing concert and the Australian Roots Music Awards.  

A multitude of the finest roots music acts from all over australia  will perform in various venues throughout the town of Nimbin on the far north coast of nsw.   We feel that Nimbin, being counter cultural capital of australia and with it's amazing natural landscape,  is the perfect place to promote sustainability within the arts  and our environment. 

 We are heading towards a sustainable future with Nimbin Roots festival by incorporating solar powered venues and stages. We promote simple  living and raw entertainment with all  of the venues being within walking distance from each other.  Nimbin town is the centre of attention and we encourage you to explore the colourful and diverse shops within the village and interact with the open minded locals.

our Festival

​Nimbin Roots Festival 2017

Our Peace March 2017

Old timey sessions on the street 2017

There is a dedicated  market area with up to 30 diverse and colourful  stalls with the Aquarius stage - a dedicated artist 'walk up' stage for you to discover surprise, unique, diverse talent. ​

We believe it is essential that new, original music and art is born. We have a strong ethos that encourages new and original music to be appreciated throughout the 3 days and understand that coming away from a festival with a bunch of quality new music is one of the best parts of going to a festival.  We have no 'headline' acts at Nimbin Roots festival and all artists are treated equally. 

From the days when the Aquarius Festival came to Nimbin in 1973, Nimbin has been the counter culture capital of Australia. A living and breathing example of people that can live sustainably with an opened mind, within a landscape of some of Australia's most beautiful countryside.

 We invite you to come and join us for 3 days of music, peace, love and culture and to experience life outside the box.  

Opening concert 2017 with Wild Marmalade

Down town Nimbin 

Festival 2017 musicians and campers