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Festival Venues


Nimbin Roots Festival is  set all around Nimbin Town.  There will be 3 indoor stages,  1  outdoor stage and  the Aquarius  markets.  A festival wristband gets you in and out of all festival venues and participation in workshops

The Nimbin Bush Theatre 

Here you will see intimate live music performances in a classic old building that once was the old butter factory. fitted out with retro theatre seats and an old timey stage. Spilling out onto an amazing garden courtyard cafe, this place looks and feels like something out of a Cohen Brothers film....

The Nimbin Hall

Aptly associated with the Nimbin School Of Arts, the Nimbin Hall is still well used by the arts and is situated right in the middle of town. A big old beautiful hall, run on solar power by our festival partners Rainbow Power Company. Also  with a groovy chandelier that drops right down the centre of the audience space and an intimate  bar on the balcony

The Nimbin Bowlo

Being in Nimbin, this is not your 'normal' bowlo. Run by a board of local wizards that could easily be out of Lord Of The Rings!  A fabulous performance space and dance floor....The famous Nimbin Lager on tap and perhaps our jumpiest, loudest and latest venue.

The Aquarius Stage

A stage built and funded by the locals, paying homage to the legendary Aquarius festival the was the original alternate lifestyle and hippie attraction in 1973. The aquarius stage will be in the community market area in the community centre grounds and will feature local Nimbin acts. This whole area will be  non - wristbanded.

The Aquarius Markets

Come and see how Nimbin Markets have a market! set in the community centre grounds with the aquarius stage as a back drop. active throughout the whole weekend, the Nimbin Markets are like no other. Nothing made in China, all hand made crafts or preloved goods. Street food.