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Traditional Allsorts

Huckleberry’s songs are true to the ragtime, blues and jazz of the bygone era.
As a show, it’s heard and seen that they have a hell of a fun time playing together.

Huckleberry plays banjo in the pirate/folk band The Empty Pockets, who are currently releasing an album. Huckleberry could be seen previously
 doing a long stint in Jack McLaughlin’s New Orleans Jazz band. 
Billy Black will steal the show, a guitar player’s player impressing fret-watchers every night. Found with Sydney rockers Bones Jones
 and the Skeletones, as well as fronting Doc and the Delegates - a great bluegrass traditional band.
Liam Dixon, dragging the beat on drums for a short while, he now commandeers the bass... slowly proving he is actually hitting the right
 notes. A likely young lad with plenty of jokes, Huck discovered him bringing maracas in Newcastle band The Bad Time Boys.