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The Plait Ensemble

The Plait Ensemble in an Australian World-Jazz Fusion Ensemble led by Australian Double Bassist Elsen Price.
The group released its Debut Album ‘Chicken Chilli Basil’ in 2017 with album launches in Sydney, Newcastle and the Blue mountains, which also received 3 ½ / 5 stars in the Sydney Morning Herald.
The group performs music inspired by the present day and the artists featured in the Ensemble, including Armenian Pianist Zela Margossian, Persian Tar Virtuoso Hamed Sadeghi, Master Turkish Percussionist Adem Yilmaz and Australian Jazz Guitarist Yutaro Okuda, creating a new blend of sounds, which often extend into their energetic live shows, with each artist letting their own unique flavour take centre stage, giving the audience an opportunity to be inspired and have fun.
‘…fizzing energy from the strings of his double bass, whether playing pizzicato or arco. This is energy that rushes from the speakers and instantly draws you into his musical narratives: compositions that exist outside of genre, in a world where jazz, classical and world elements converge, with a similar latitude existing in the improvising language.’ – John Shand